Justin Taylor Phillips, vocalist, lyricist, multi-instrumentalist and producer, who goes by the artist name Crywolf shares his struggles growing up with bipolar and depression, often times relying on music as a source of inspiration to pull through difficult times. His experience with street art developed his ability to be honest with himself, consequently, shaping his music identity.

“Because the music came from a place of such vulnerability, because the music was so important to me, and it had helped me deal with so many issues in my life, it was a personal matter….” -Crywolf

Credits: Interviewer & Editor: Mingjie Zhai; Videographer: Sherman Wellons and Wade Chao. Special Thanks to: Adam Seid 

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Do you deal with bipolar depression? Do you know someone affected by this condition? What is the experience like dealing with it or having to deal with someone who has it?

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What’s inside?


Part I: Beautiful Sadness

“When you feel sadness and you see it as something that’s negative, then you fight against it, and it leads you into this hopeless spiral of depression. But when you see it as something that’s uniquely beautiful, just as beautiful as joy…the sad parts of life are just as beautiful as the happy parts of life, if not more, in my opinion.” —Justin

Part II: Street Art
“…when in reality the entire time, I should be just making what I liked.”—Justin

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