Dr. Sarah Neustadter understands the depth of grief when she went through the love loss of her soulmate. As a personal and transpersonal psychologist and a suicide survivor, Dr. Neustadter makes it her life’s mission to help others process grief through her disciplined experience, kindred insight, and her passion to understand the human condition of loss. She shares the love story behind her practice as a clinical and transpersonal psychologist and her book, Death and Love.

“That state of shock happened for a very long time, even though I knew that this was happening. It was almost like time stood still the day he died and I couldn’t comprehend the days, the weeks, the months were passed.” -Dr. Sarah Neustadter, PhD.

Producer & Interviewer: Mingjie Zhai; Camera: Wade Chao and Sherman Wellons; Edtors: Wade Chao & Mingjie Zhai; Illustrators: Sirine Cherif and Tang Xiao Ming

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What is the experience of grief like for you?

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What’s inside?

Dr. Sarah Neustadter

Part I: Shock

“That state of shock lasted for a long time, even though I knew this was happening.”

Part II: Hold People’s Pain

“I feel like, almost everything that has happened to me, has sort of been a training for being able to hold people’s pain this particular way.”

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