After forgiving his brother’s killers, kweisi gharreau found poetry and spoken word as a vehicle to express the intense anger he had towards cultural, political and environmental circumstances that lead up to his brother’s homicide.

“I never planned on becoming a poet…If I wasn’t blessed with my story, I wouldn’t be who I am today.” -kweisi gharreau

Producer: Mingjie Zhai; Director & Photographer: Wade Chao; Interviewer & Writers: MJZ & Athena Lim; PA: Alyssa Lim, Yisuel Kang

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What is the hardest part of forgiving someone who has wronged you? What can be possible when there is grace?

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What’s inside?

Kweisi Gharreau

Part I: Soaked

“Well, when I state that I was soaked in hate on a cesspool of my negative emotions, it’s because those are natural emotions that we all experience. The challenge is once you experience those emotions, how do we transcend ourselves from that to grow beyond that hate and anger and bitterness and inner turmoil?”

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