Bryan Reeves, Insight Ninja relationship coach, author, writer of The Good Men Project and former USAF captain, opens up about the inspiration behind why he transitioned into relationship coaching.

“Man, the relationships I was in were disastrous. The ones that I chose. Again, the easy relationships? I didn’t want those man. Give me the hard shit, give me shit that’s going to break me open because I needed to learn.”

Producer: Mingjie Zhai; Interviewer: Ozzie Smith; Assistant Producer: Jacqueline Keller; Camera: Wade Chao and MJZwanderlust; Grip: Jeff Annon; Video Editor: Hsiao Wen Chu and Mingjie Zhai; Feature Photo: Alissa Christine

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Journal Entry 1: What type of relationships are you choosing to be in. Why? What is the experience you want from it?

Journal Entry 2: Sometimes we repeat patterns in the type of relationships we get involved in because we still are attached to a specific emotion associated with that relationship. Identify the type of relationship you’re in and the specific emotion associated it.

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What’s inside?

Bryan Reeves

Part I: Hold Her

“She doesn’t want me to calm her down, which is another way of saying, ‘look, get smaller, shrink, shrink what you’re doing. Stop expressing so much because I can’t handle that.’ ”—Bryan

Part II: Full Expression
“That’s all any of us want is to be loved in our full expression… .”

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