Introduction: Donny O’ Malley, retired USMC Lieutenant, Author, Founder of Irreverent Warriors, lost a few of his marine brothers to suicide. His dark humor and war comedies soften the edges that came with war, but after personal accounts of losing close friends to suicide, he founded Irreverent Warriors, a non-profit organization that gathers with brothers and sisters from all ranks, all military institutions, across the nation, to hike together in green silkies.

“It was harder to lose a guy to suicide than to lose someone in combat.”-Donny O’ Malley

Credits: Producer: Mingjie Zhai; Associate producer: Nancy Yeang and Wade Chao; Interviewer: Carlos Sanchez; Camera: Jim Francesco and Carlos Sanchez; Editing: Carlos Sanchez, Mingjie Zhai, Eden Trevino and David Pingree; Sound Engineer: Seth Brogdon; Music: Courtesy of Moby; Special Thanks to: Irreverent Warriors

Letting go with Irreverent Warriors

Irreverent Warriors

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Journal: Have you ever lost someone to suicide? What was your reaction? What insights have you gained from the experience?

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What’s inside?

Irreverent Warriors

Part I: Give Meaning
“My need to give meaning to his death that caused me to dedicate the book to suicide, and use the book as a platform for preventing it.”—Donny

Part II: Love for the Guys

It was the love I have for the guys I served with that motivated me to create something that can bring them together.” —Donny

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