Cheri Rae Russell, founder of Peace Yoga Gallery, Burner, and health advocate began educating others about conscious connection with life through living foods and yoga after losing her mother, aunt, and uncle to health related illnesses.

“I was not at peace. I was sad. I was missing my best friend. My aunt and uncle, everyone was gone. You go through a period of ‘Really, God?’ To really wake up and go, ‘I am loving myself, because it’s got to happen that way.’”-Cheri Rae Russell

Producer & Interviewer: Mingjie Zhai; Camera: Wade Chao and Sherman Wellons; Edtors: Mingjie Zhai & Wade Chao; Production Assistants: Madisyn Delgado; Feature Image Photographer: Mingjie Zhai

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What does grace look like? taste like? smell like? sound like? feel like?

What narrow-minded views are you ready to let go of so that your creative expression may flow abundantly?

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What’s inside?

Cheri Rae

Part I: Grace

“It is the reason that I do Yoga. I might be ridiculous and silly, make jokes and curse and all that but grace is ultimately the whole reason that I do Yoga.”

Part II: Give it Away

“The more we give, the more we receive, so give it away, give it away, give it away now.” 

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