Samuel J travels the world singing, songwriting and performing the colorful vibrations of mother nature and the spirit of people. He is a vocalist, composer and producer with a profound respect for our earth, the indigenous people of the land, and human life.

“And then you realize that you’re never actually alone, and then a lot of music was writing about this colorful vibration that would always accompany you, which is this greater goodness in life that I believe in that is in you, that is in all beings, it’s in all of us, and that colorful vibration is also the will of life wanting to survive and I felt that energy force, call it spirit, call it what you will became a big inspiration for my music.” -Samuel J.

Producer and Interviewer: Mingjie Zhai; Videographers: Ian Corvin and Carla Schwiderski;  Editors: Mingjie Zhai and AJ Berger; Illustrators: Sirine Cherif and Tang Xiao Wang

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How can you experience the colorful vibrations of this world?

The 40 Day Journaling Challenge

Journal for 40 minutes a day, from 40 exclusive artist interviews, for 40 days and transform your life.

Samuel J

Part I: Process

“You don’t have to get personal about that. It’s just that person’s process and, you know, ultimately it’s better to love them from allowing them to follow their path alone until they find that sense of balance and you find that sense of balance within you.”

Part II: Worrying is a Temptation, but not a Solution

“My parents always told me that worrying is a temptation but not a solution for anything.” 

“You just reach out and help. From the skid row, it transitioned right into the prison ministry.”

Samuel’s Creative Expression

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