Experiencing disapproval after coming out to her parents, as well as pain from almost losing an important relationship in her life, Kera & the Lesbians’ singer, Kera Armendariz, shares how song writing and performing has brought her peace and clarity. She also dives into the inspiration behind the band’s song “Snakes.”

“If it’s a song where I can put myself in the moment, or like, allow myself to open up to people while playing, really looking into the eyes of everyone and just, like, exposing myself, it’s wonderful. It really is. I feel that we’re connected at that moment. I just do what’s genuine for me and if it catches with one person, great. I have had people tell me that it’s helped them. It’s wonderful to hear. I don’t care about money. Because…that’s what this world needs.” -Kera Armendariz 

Producer: Monica Dziak; Interviewer & Editor: Monica Dziak; Camera: Norio Chalico and Mingjie Zhai

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