Ryan Hurtgen behind “The Love Inside”

Ryan Hurtgen is a vocalist and songwriter of Perfect Beings, a progressive rock band based in Los Angeles, known for fusing traditional prog rock with modern melodies. Their first album, self-titled, Perfect Beings, is loosely based on the 2013 sci-fi novel Tj and Tosc by Suhail Rafidi centered around transformation, self-identity, technology, and love in a post-apocalyptic world. Their second album, Perfect Beings II, is a more impressionistic firestorm of emotion and raw energy. It combines progressive, experimental, classical, ambient, rock, jazz and pop in its evolution. “The Love Inside” is track 4 and one of the main centerpiece songs inside the album.

In this “Fiction. Based on a True Conversation over Sushi about The Love Story behind ‘The Love Inside,’ ” Mingjie and Ryan have a raw discussion about love, loss, and redemption… over raw fish.

“When two people are in love with each other they see no flaws in the other person so they have this perfection, but it’s also about the imperfection of perfection and acceptance in that regard.” -Ryan Hurtgen

Producer: Mingjie Zhai; Interviewer & Editor: Mingjie Zhai
Perfect Beings II Album–>  “The Love Inside”
More on Ryan’s Music –> Moon Dreams Album

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Beneath the layers, what is the love you have inside?

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