Behind Vetality Corp

 “Being in a leadership position and understanding that sending your men out there and knowing that they might not come back, that’s a very heavy burden, a very big load to carry. And I think one of my big driving factors, and I know Brent can attest to this as well, is not having those marines or those soldiers, whoever you send out of that wire come back, that guilt will plague you for a long time, and I know personally, in my own heart, that is my driving factor, that’s my passion, that’s my love for Vetality, is to not have anybody else not come back to the wire.” –Mike Owen, co-founder of 

Producer: Mingjie Zhai; Interviewer: Inge Cristie; Videographers: Eddie Liquidano and MJZwanderlust; Video Editor: MJZwanderlust; illustrators: Sirine Cherif and Tang Xiao Ming 

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What burdens are you taking on? Why is this an important burden to have? What is the purpose of having burdens in life?

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What’s inside?

Vetality Corp

Part I: Separation Anxiety

“Certain situations and certain feelings and emotions, I would call it as a separation anxiety. Separating from what you knew and what made you effective into who you are right now.”—Mike

Part II: Stateside
“…and for them to come back here and die stateside…die in the United States when they served and did all these deployments elsewhere, it’s what hits ya.”—Brent Olds

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