Hayden Maltese, The Love Story behind “Junkhead”
Hayden Maltese is a visual artist who captures deeply personal and profound themes regarding self image, drug use, familial and romantic relationships, mental illness, and social commentary. Through lithography, screen printing, painting, performance art, and mixed media, Hayden creates a distinct tone through intoxicating and provocative imagery. His installation, “Junkhead” is a powerful collection of images and ideas that provides a cohesive platform for Hayden’s self expression.

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Producer/Interviewer & Editor/Camera/Sound Engineer: Jenna Roscoe


Your 15 Minute Journaling Session:
Directions: Watch the video and choose 2 ways of inspiring you to journal.
A) Pull a quote from something Hayden has said in the interview that stands out to you.
B) Wait till the end of the video for the journaling prompt.

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