Maya McClean, singer, actress, & backup singer/dancer who had toured with Prince for over 13 years, shares her recent experience falling in love, being inspired by it, and driven to work on the qualities that she loves in the person she loves. The song is inspired by the deep longing and aching to be one with this person.

“I was already in love with him from that first moment, on that first date. Part of me was like, ‘Well, I can go home and cry myself to sleep and be in bed for the whole weekend and just be in misery or I can really look at what I’m actually in love with with this person.”

Producer: Mingjie Zhai; Interviewer & Editor: Mingjie Zhai; Camera: Mingjie Zhai, Aido Rojo, and Destiny Storm; Sound Engineer: Johnny Dodge

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“Like usually when you’re in love with someone, in my experience, is that something you admire about that being that maybe you feel like you’re not.”

What qualities and characteristics do you admire in the person you love? Could you began to work towards these same qualities?

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