The Love Story Creatives

“Six Months” Fiction. Based on a True Dream Six Months Ago
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Our mid 20 something heroine gets out of bed. The house is quiet. The desert...
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“Words The Rede Fulfill” Fiction. Based on a True Spiritual Path.
I am followed by five demons: Anorexia nervosa, major depressive disorder, general anxiety disorder, self-harm...
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“Life is like 500 – Part One” Fiction. Based on a True Memory.
Someone tells me it's my bid. I count the numbers and symbols in my hand...
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Viviany Alicea
Writing has been what saved me in dark times and what continues to help me....
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Letters to Annabell : #2
What I do not expect them to do is complain about the journey like some...
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Nicole Jarosz
Being extremely creative/open minded has given me a passionate nature to express myself through many...
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“Emerald” Fiction. Based on a True Prayer.
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I want to die in a fog covered forest. Under a tree, whose leaves cry...
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