The Love Story Creatives

“What Happened That Night” Fiction. Based on a Second Attempt.
I realize at that moment, at all times, Heaven and hell are watching—playing tug of...
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“13 Reasons Why”
She’s so right. Fuck. You have to be with humans again. You’ve been comfortable being...
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Ibraheem Hachem
I am a college graduate of Fall 2018 from LSU with a BS in Finance....
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“Art of Light”
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“Thanks to those dreams,” says Mick, “I had a sense that he was okay—that something...
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“Snow White” Fiction. Based on a True Ah Po.
Ah po kept you healthy and had you taking fish oils, vitamin e, b, and...
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“Stay” Fiction. Based on a One Night.
The lyrics of Crywolf's "Stay" took me back to that place when I had Marlen...
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“Justin Time” Fiction. Based on a True Delirium Tremors.
When she was going through DTs, Dillan had been on the phone with her and...
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