“The Boy Three Apartments Away” Fiction. Based on a True Unexpected Friendship
There was no need for justifying, convincing or rationalizing. My messiness wasn’t the issue. My...
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“Best Friends Forever?” Fiction. Based on a True Friendship.
The person that knew me best left and didn't look back. "We just drifted apart,"...
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“Describe Your Home” Fiction. Based on a True Heart Mangled by Grief.
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This is the home where I sleep without you. There have been others. Tomorrow will...
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“Taking Flight” Fiction. Based on a True Epiphany
I’m sick of crying and feeling like I’m denying the potential that exists inside of...
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“Buckets Full”
I get it. You don’t love me. I accept it the way people suffer on...
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“Page 13” Fiction. Based on a True Humbling Down.
Not this crazy woman who writes long letters and then rejects me. Not this woman...
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