“Loss on the Windowsill” Fiction. Based on a True Windowsill of Mine.
We cannot be comforted by the second best toy or even the promise of a...
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“For the One I Lost” Fiction. Based on a True Song For a Loved One.
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I drive the streets sometime at night Past the house where I grew up. The...
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“The Measure of Greatness” Fiction. Based on a True Autobiography Reading
Maybe greatness isn’t measured by your past. Maybe it’s measured by your present and what...
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“Nightmares at Midnight” Fiction. Based on a True Fact Checker
How do people do that to other people? Why do they do it? Know the...
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“What Love Is” Fiction. Based a on True Pondering.
We risk falling in love because we know that despite the pain, and the tears,...
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