Shadow Boxing

She’s irritated because she can’t fix it. She wants to help them. She wants it to stop. She thinks that by pointing it out, they can see it, then change it. But it doesn’t work that way.
In fact, the opposite happens. It reinforces and pushes people away. Like a mirror to medusa’s ugly face. Nobody wants to smell their own shit.

Give Me Space

In that empty space, she attempts to fill with colors, adventure, sex, but she knows deep down that these are all distractions. The truth of the matter is that the empty space is designed to remain empty, laid bare so from that void, we may discover the truth. Underneath what is expressed on social media and created for social pretension was a hurt girl who had somehow created the illusion that she doesn’t deserve love.

“Move Energy” | Josephina Bashout

“He started to move energy, and he started to pick up on things that I had never told him or anyone, and as he was feeling into my energy it started to get me to believe. As he started healing in my heart, he told me ‘You have a very heavy heart, so much sadness, You’ve been forgiving, but you still need to let go of forgiveness. You’re still holding onto it.’ And he asked me to call out the names of the people that I needed to forgive….” -Josephina Bashout