Letting go of Denial

Josephina Bashout “Moving Energy”

“He started to move energy, and he started to pick up on things that I had never told him or anyone, and as he was feeling into my energy it started to get me to believe. As he started healing in my heart, he told me ‘You have a very heavy heart, so much sadness, You’ve been forgiving, but you still need to let go of forgiveness. You’re still holding onto it.’ And he asked me to call out the names of the people that I needed to forgive….” -Josephina Bashout


I held her closely, just glad she was alive. She cried into my shirt, and I whispered sweet nothings to her until her ride came. Her step mother arrived 10 minutes later, followed by the friends who drove me. It hurt to see her go home, but I was glad she was alive.

If you asked her to tell the story, she would exaggerate it into something silly and less romantic. She would remember things oddly, and wasn’t sentimental. Years later, she and I would break up. She would lie to me, break my trust, betray me, and ultimately cheat on me. In the end, I wasn’t far enough along in my life for her needs.

Twin Flames

We were the best couple on the outside. Whenever we went to parties or clubs, we would have fun, drink, dance and chat with other people. Whenever we went on vacation with other couples, we would be the ones breaking up the couple drama from others. We both had money and would buy each other…


Gutted A long drive back. Your hand rests heavily on my thigh; Your other clamps the top of the wheel. “I’m sorry,” you say. “But hey, it’s over now. We’ll be fine.”   You turn to me, “You okay?”   I don’t want to see your face. I turn my head and focus on the…