Letting go of Insanity

Hennessy Echemendia “It’s Not You”

Part I: Deep in the Hole “When you fall in love with someone so deep in the hole…it hurts you also… .”—Hennessy Have you ever had to go down deep in order to have compassion for someone else? What was the experience like? Is it worth it? Part II: It’s Not You “People are going…

Josephina Bashout “Moving Energy”

“He started to move energy, and he started to pick up on things that I had never told him or anyone, and as he was feeling into my energy it started to get me to believe. As he started healing in my heart, he told me ‘You have a very heavy heart, so much sadness, You’ve been forgiving, but you still need to let go of forgiveness. You’re still holding onto it.’ And he asked me to call out the names of the people that I needed to forgive….” -Josephina Bashout

Borderline Personality “Depressed at One Point”

“I think I was depressed at one point. Just a lot of problems really came on…So now I was kind of in this ‘mentally ill’ category, which growing up it was like a ‘oh, that’s like a different set of people,’ so that was just how it was when I grew up. There are ‘normal people’ and there are ‘mentally ill people’ and you’re a ‘normal person’ so you can’t be in that category.” -Lauren Rhodes