“Move Energy” | Josephina Bashout

“He started to move energy, and he started to pick up on things that I had never told him or anyone, and as he was feeling into my energy it started to get me to believe. As he started healing in my heart, he told me ‘You have a very heavy heart, so much sadness, You’ve been forgiving, but you still need to let go of forgiveness. You’re still holding onto it.’ And he asked me to call out the names of the people that I needed to forgive….” -Josephina Bashout

Further Future

Discovering Further Future 002

As Angelie crosses the three-mile trek towards Further Future’s campsite, the sandstone plateau, baked golden from the Nevada sun, swallows her like Oculus Rift. The rich blue sky greets the dusk as the wind glides over the horizon. Out in the distance, she sees white tents sprawled out, inconspicuous, as if this is some sort of top secret experiment, hidden in the middle of the Moapa Indian reservation–perhaps it is.