“The Other Cheek Part II”
The Love Story would not have existed without your strength, your courage, and self-sacrifice to...
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“The Trap” Fiction. Based on a True Lease.
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I’m trapped In a routine. Work five days A week, school three, Maybe, a drink...
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“Miracles in the Chaos” Fiction. Based on a True Breath Amidst the Chaos
It demands so much from you. The constant movement. The constant going. You feel yourself...
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“The Other Cheek”
I thank you dear sister, the herald, in becoming the activator to my iron maiden...
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“When Jesus Met Mary”
Mary is quite a character. She is every sexy, charming, beautiful Jezabel woman on every...
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“Period” Fiction. Based on a True Bloodstain
It’s not a hardening of spirit but a tempering. Like strong trees in the wind...
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