“Empty Sheets” Fiction. Based on a True Torn Out Letter
My fingers press against my bottom lip. Holding it in place. Forcing it to keep...
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“Frequencies” Fiction. Based on a True Encounter with a Magician in Hollywood.
Ah, integrating the shadow. As above, so below. “Romans 8,” she whispers back, as if...
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“The Spiritual Warrior”
"Life is precious. It doesn't get better than winning souls, encouraging, and helping." -Mel Novak.
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“Silence of the Lambs” Fiction. Based on a True Convo 2016 Elections.
Think for yourself. Why the fuck would the mention of underage children in “heated pool”...
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“13 Reasons Why”
She’s so right. Fuck. You have to be with humans again. You’ve been comfortable being...
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“Art of Light”
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“Thanks to those dreams,” says Mick, “I had a sense that he was okay—that something...
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