“Summer Walk” Fiction. Based on a True Afternoon.
She's the version of yourself that you didn't believe in. In some alternative dimension where...
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“The Other Cheek Part II”
The Love Story would not have existed without your strength, your courage, and self-sacrifice to...
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“Something out of Nothing” Fiction. Based on a True Reaction to Flirtation
You know it’s so easy to get sucked into the mirror funhouse of emotions, being...
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“Rain” Fiction. Based on a True Love
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We say goodbye Dry or drowning Thirsty for what I crave
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“First Kisses” Fiction. Based on True Forgotten Moments.
The space between you and this new, first kiss is nothing. Is everything. It's vastness...
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“Mad” Fiction. Based on a True Coming to Terms With Someone Else’s Addiction.
Every moment in between two actions is life. Anthropologists use the term ‘liminality’ to define...
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