“Standard Deviations” Fiction. Based on a True Visit to Warsaw.
Why do people treasure artists? Because the artist is able to absorb the hearts of...
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“Angel Mother” by Leila Pari
My mother’s story has always fascinated me. Her childhood is a fantastical tale of adventure,...
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“Frequencies” Fiction. Based on a True Encounter with a Magician in Hollywood.
Ah, integrating the shadow. As above, so below. “Romans 8,” she whispers back, as if...
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“Shaker” The Tim Ringgold Interview.
“You can’t move them with force, you really only have the right to invite after...
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“13 Reasons Why”
She’s so right. Fuck. You have to be with humans again. You’ve been comfortable being...
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“Art of Light”
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“Thanks to those dreams,” says Mick, “I had a sense that he was okay—that something...
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