“Narcissistic Glow”
The first thing I need to understand from how I became a narcissist is that...
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“Frequencies” Fiction. Based on a True Encounter with a Magician in Hollywood.
Ah, integrating the shadow. As above, so below. “Romans 8,” she whispers back, as if...
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“Master Teacher” Fiction. Based on a True Master Teacher.
The way you can attract a business partner you so desire is when you be...
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“Gravitas” Fiction. Based on a True Insidious Green.
And when is that point where we are “good enough” to help others?
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Discovering Happiness
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Getting a house car and everything everyone wants in life and feeling empty. Then the...
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When You Least Expect It
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The first time I went to the Shambhala Music Festival in British Columbia, Canada I...
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