Discover Your Narrative

Exploring the Hero’s Ordinary World:

Artist-Inspired Journaling is leveraging the soul-mirroring effect, a phenomenon that is validated in global transformational workshops, multicultural art festivals, and anonymous support communities. It is the heart of mindfulness. We believe that when a person takes their “masks” off by sharing their story from a place of authenticity, vulnerability, and unfiltered honesty, others are able to hear their narrative in the other person’s share.


Act I: Discover Your Narrative will be designed as a grounding for you to start going within, and it will be designed for you to discover your hero’s pursuit.

The Love Story believes that depression is suppressed expression.

Those suppressed expressions are a battleground of the voices inside our heads…and it needs a canvas for release.


  • What You’ll Experience:

    • Discover your narrative in kindred people’s stories about love, loss, and transformation through artist-inspired journaling;
    • Journal in the first, second, and third-person writing voice that aligns with the id, ego, and superego, and your level of chakras.
    • Fuse journaling with the craft of narrative storytelling, and discover the truth in your fiction, based on a true experience.


  • What You’ll Discover:

    • Know Thyself (How to leverage our blessings, to create more blessings, by leveraging our gifts)
    • Know Thy Shadows (Reveal the ugly truth so that the truth will set you free and trap drama in fiction whilst revealing illusion in illusion’s territory–in the art and craft of story)
    • Know Thy Purpose (See the different paths you may take in this lifetime. Know the distinction between the higher and lower paths that are available to you)


  • What You’ll Takeaway:

    • Understand Yourself, discover your authentic voices in id (I), ego (You), and superego (We) through artist-inspired interviews. You will master self-awareness through storytelling in third person journaling experience.
    • Accept Yourself, by personifying your ego into the protagonist in the story, you will cultivate compassion for your own character.
    • Discover Your Hero’s Pursuit, The truth will set you free through Fiction, Based on a True Story Journaling, You will discover the big WHY of your hero’s journey and thereby discover the hero’s pursuit. Getting down to the ugly truth and it will set you free.


The 7 Chapters of Act I’s Program:

Chapter 1: “The Ordinary World”  exploring the distinctions of the id, ego, and superego. 

Chapter 2: “The Darkside of the Moon,” exploring the Id, unfiltered, and journaling in the “I” writing voice.

Chapter 3: “Two-Faced,” exploring the ego, and reveal its dualistic nature in action, whilst journaling in the “You” writing voice.

Chapter 4: “The Third “I,” exploring the superego, in the third eye, or the third “I”, journaling in the “We” writing voice.

Chapter 5: “The Village People,” exploring character revealed through the scene, and personifying the id, ego and superego voices into characters to contextualize the scene. Discovering scenes in your life that propel the discovery of the hero’s pursuit

Chapter 6: “The Villain in the Village,” exploring the function of the antagonist in relation to the Hero’s character arc and revealing the villain by exploring the hidden desire of the hero.

Chapter 7: “The Hero’s Pursuit,” exploring the Hero’s pursuit and clearly defining the divergent paths of the higher and lower versions of self.