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Ras Kass behind Soul on Ice

“The content the people are looking for, especially the majors, is anything with an emphasis on stupidity, sex, violence. That is not my angle. It is harder to sell them on common sense and re-think our society as a whole.”-Ras Kass

Bosque Hrbek Behind Symbiosis

“While I was traveling around the world, and meeting lots of different people who [have] completely different styles, completely different tastes in everything, but there’s a common thread of… how people care about the planet, people care about each other…and see how those cultures or those counter cultures, work together symbiotically, and that’s where the name came from.”-Bosque HrBek

Peter Harper Behind “Winter Wonderland”

“I can take that experience and feel like I was cheated of a father because he was never around – it’s a path that exists. Or I can say, here’s a guy who lived his life and had a profound impact on the people that he interacted with and is now gone of his own decision. Whether the alcohol controlled that, or didn’t control that, whether he had a say, or didn’t have a say, it’s not really my place to say. Those were his choices.”- Peter Harper

Dream Rockwell, The Love Story Behind Lucent Dossier Experience

“I poured my pain into my work and I poured my love into my work, cause for me, the most painful thing when a relationship ends abruptly is that what do you do with all that love that you’re still holding? So I poured all that love into a show for Lucent and just poured it in there, and the pain too, it was all there.” -Dream Rockwell.