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Dan Vega behind Sweet Love

“For a while…even though I knew she was triggering me, it was hard for me to be in that state of gratitude, cause I’m projecting onto her…” -Dan Vega

Kelly McCree behind Shasta Mountain Bread and Breakfast

This is an interactive journal It is designed for you to journal from Kelly’s experience, also known as “Artist-Inspired” journaling. How it Works: 1. Pause at moments when the story resonates with you. 2. Pull out a notebook and begin journaling. Free write distraction free for as long as you can. Pause and Play at…

Michelle Fitzgerald Behind Let’s Eat

“Many people are afraid to pivot, and it requires living more freely and unafraid, and that’s something that I truly believe in, even though it scares the shit out of me..”-Michelle Fitzgerald

Julia Price Behind “Letting You Go”

“Frustration was a big thing because I wasn’t able to express what I was going through the way I wanted to cause I had never gone anything like that. And I wasn’t talking to people about it.” -Julia Price

Julia Price Behind “Painkiller”

“For awhile, my numbing thing was just having very meaningless relationships, flings, men, just in and out of my life…these really crazy…fighting, and emotionally abusive things, and just this addiction to it.” -Julia Price

Ras Kass behind Soul on Ice

“The content the people are looking for, especially the majors, is anything with an emphasis on stupidity, sex, violence. That is not my angle. It is harder to sell them on common sense and re-think our society as a whole.”-Ras Kass

Jesse Amadeus Behind L’Wolf

“You can’t speak it, you can’t project it upon other people, you can’t be like, ‘You should do this, you should change that way.'”-Jesse Amadeus.

Bosque Hrbek Behind Symbiosis

“While I was traveling around the world, and meeting lots of different people who [have] completely different styles, completely different tastes in everything, but there’s a common thread of… how people care about the planet, people care about each other…and see how those cultures or those counter cultures, work together symbiotically, and that’s where the name came from.”-Bosque HrBek

Hennessy Behind “The Letter”

“I want to help people know that you can do what you want. That’s what my songs are mostly about. I want to teach kids, ‘You can do what you want to do.’ You just have to push yourself to do it. You can get the job, you can enjoy your life. That’s what my music is about.” –Hennessy.

Peter Harper Behind “Winter Wonderland”

“I can take that experience and feel like I was cheated of a father because he was never around – it’s a path that exists. Or I can say, here’s a guy who lived his life and had a profound impact on the people that he interacted with and is now gone of his own decision. Whether the alcohol controlled that, or didn’t control that, whether he had a say, or didn’t have a say, it’s not really my place to say. Those were his choices.”- Peter Harper

Brent Allen Spears Behind Shrine

“I feel that by abandoning the idea of blame or being a victim you can find out, you can own everything that you are and find out exactly how powerful are you.” -Shrine

Donny O’ Malley Behind Irreverent Warriors

“He was such an incredibly nice person. He was my biggest support, and he would text me all the time about what I was doing meant to him. So when he killed himself, I was crushed.” -Donny O’ Malley

Martin Dunkerton Behind LovEarth

“I saw how nature worked. Nature is infinite. Everything is reciprocal. Everything evolves together. Everything cross pollinates. Nothing is stagnant. If you’re stagnant in nature, you die.” -Martin Dunkerton

Moby behind Love and Loss

“The thing that has surprised me most is that we’re surprised that people die or we’re surprised that things end because everything ends.”-Richard Melville

Mick Lorusso Behind Endoluminosity

“Thanks to those dreams. I had a sense that he was okay—that something inexplicably beautiful had happened inside him despite the horror of the physical circumstances.” – Mick Lorusso

Justin Taylor Phillips Behind Crywolf

“The most important rules that I learned with being able to cope with depression is to not see sadness as something negative because when you see it as negative, you fight against it. When you see it as uniquely beautiful…so positive and so poetic, then the sad parts of life are just as important as the happy things.” -Justin Phillips

Jessica Wen Behind Light Therapy

“…Allow myself to grieve, allow myself to cry, allow myself to call myself ‘stupid,’ and curse a little bit if I have to, but then after that, now I need to forgive. ‘I love myself.’ I found it it is easier to forgive others, even my enemies who betrayed me, than to forgive myself.” -Jessica Wen.

Cheri Rae Russell Behind Peace Yoga Gallery

“I was not at peace. I was sad. I was missing my best friend. My aunt and uncle, everyone was gone. You go through a glimpse of ‘Really, God?’ To really wake up and go, ‘I am loving myself, because it’s got to happen that way.’”-Cheri Rae Russell

Dr. Sarah Neustadter Behind Death and Love

“That state of shock happened for a very long time, even though I knew that this was happening because it was almost like time stood still the day he died and I couldn’t comprehend the days, the weeks, the months were passed.” -Dr. Sarah Neustadter

Jessica Dinh Behind Motherhood & FRISTERS

“…I was in bed all the time, I didn’t want to spend time with anybody else. I didn’t want to talk to anybody, my family or my friends. I just wanted to be in my own little bubble for months.” -Jessica Dinh

Dream Rockwell Behind Lucent Dossier Experience

“I poured my pain into my work and I poured my love into my work, cause for me, the most painful thing when a relationship ends abruptly is that what do you do with all that love that you’re still holding? So I poured all that love into a show for Lucent and just poured it in there, and the pain too, it was all there.” -Dream Rockwell.

Antonique Smith Behind “Love is Everything”

“First of all, God is love and Love is good… I still do believe in love. I also do believe that in order to experience love, you have to be open. You can’t be closed off. You can’t be afraid. Love takes courage.”