[ultimate_pricing package_heading=”The Love Story Creative Membership” package_sub_heading=”Discover Your Passion ” package_price=”$49″ package_unit=”Per Year” package_btn_text=”Join Today” package_link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fthelovestory.org%2Fmembership-account%2Fmembership-checkout%2F%3Flevel%3D2||target:%20_blank|” package_featured=”enable”]Includes:
A Hardcover Book for your Journaling
Exclusive in-depth artist interviews about love, loss and transformation.


Our Organization is Advertisement Free, Grassroots, and People Supported.

  • We support artists, aspiring artists and artists who haven’t yet realized that they are one.
  • Your membership will support interviews, journaling tips, and workshops that we can deliver to underserved communities.
  • Your membership will also provide space and inspiration to somebody who can transform their pain into passion through artist-inspired journaling.

The Love Story Member will receive

  1. One hard copy of the The Love Story Journal gifted to somebody you love.
  2. One Year’s access to Exclusive Interviews and Artist-Inspired Journaling Tips.
  3. Authentic, No-Filter, Intimate Shares for our Tribe.