Currently in third year of License information and communication based in Annecy, Floriane has always been passionate about drawing and it is discovered a strong interest for the movement, it is in the framework of these studies that she could experience the animation whether with her first year project or during her internship of second year that she made in the premises of Renault in Guyancourt she was able to practice the animation. Being at the end of her license she is now turning to 2D and 3D animation. Passionate of history that is with the books or the films it is inspired by the emotions that generate to create its own art. The work she has carried out so far is for the most part directed towards the emotions and how to transcribe them. She particularly likes working in black and white and has watercolor.


Personal Note:
I am someone who is passionate about drawing as well as cartoons (I watch all Disney ), I am a great lover of book and read as much as possible. As far as my passions are concerned, it is logical to draw, I also have a great interest in cinema, music, reading and sports such as dance, skiing and golf. I am very interested in the arts and love to learn new things.In the drawing I am very interested in the movement it is for this that I started to create gifs ( as you can see on my tumblr).

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