Megan grew up in Northern California. She was the youngest amongst two older brothers where she learned to be tough at an early age. She played every sport she could growing up until theater took over her life. Megan wanted to do something where she could escape her everyday life and jump into another characters soul and truthfully live and tell their story. Theater it was and she never looked back. Right out of high school Megan attended California State University of Fullerton and was accepted into the two year Bachelor of Fine Arts program where she received extensive training. While in school Megan found her passion for Physical Theater. She moved to LA right after school and started to dive into the film world. She has done some short films as well as some web series work. She has started to create her own projects and has been performing her Spoken Word piece, “What is Love?” around the Los Angeles area. Her “What is Love?” piece got her accepted into her dream school in Tuscany, Italy. She was officially accepted back in November and will be attending the 3 year MFA program in Physical Theater at Academia Dell’Arte. She leaves on her epic journey August of 2017. She plans to continue to use her Spoken Word piece and artistic endeavors to be the voice for those who can’t speak up and to continue to empower those around her who have gone through similar pains and traumas.

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