Ninasophia  is currently a full-time college student studying English and Creative Writing at California Baptist University in Riverside, California. She is an Assistant Editor for her school newspaper and an active member in the Creative Writing Club on campus. She enjoys writing different genres including fiction short stories, poetry, and journaling. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends, getting out of town

to try new foods.

She has a deep appreciation for the arts. She participated in school bands from elementary school all the way to the college level. She also participated in both dance and choir as a child and as an adult, by taking dance classes as a child and joining a dance club in high school. She also did choir in elementary school and auditioned to get into a large choir and orchestra at her college. Among these activities and other extra circulars, Ninasophia enjoys painting, drawing and ceramics. Because of her extensive background in the arts, she sees the value in it and how strongly it can impact individuals and change the way that people do life.

Ninasophia thinks that the work being done here at The Love Story is really important because of the message it’s sending. The Love Story Media is successful in offering a positive creative outlet that also shares art of many variations for all people, but especially those going through hard times. She really appreciates this because it’s something that she can both give to and take from in a healthy way.

Quote about The Love Story, “The Love Story has the opportunity to be so impactful because it deals with aspects of mental health that need to be addressed along with the arts which is an amazing combination!”

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