Petra is an experienced global issues consultant in the following areas:

International Business Development & Operations
I specialize in design and implementation of new market entry & expansion with expertise in how trade agreements, economic and environmental risks, internal and regional politics, security, cultural trends and social issues impact your operations.

Sustainability | Corporate & Social Responsibility
With 10 years of high-level sustainability policy and framework development and implementation experience, I will help you undertake sustainable, common-sense & cost-effective actions and grow your business as a force for good.

Public Relations
My savvy of culture, social, and geopolitical trends will help you design thoughtful PR strategies for the communities you serve.

Crisis Management
Time matters in crises. Although I can’t ‘create more time’, I’ll help you ensure it is spent focused on the best options while giving due consideration to broader contexts and the unforeseeable.

I develop and analyze policy, guidelines and other regulations by examining the existing mechanisms –political, social, management, or administrative – and advise on how to best mitigate and enhance their impact on your operations.

Preparedness | Aid | Development
With experience from Darfur/Sudan, Afghanistan, Haiti and Iraq, I specialize in program design, operationalization, and M&E.

With a direct experience with 40 countries, their cultures, etiquette, protocol and social structure, I offer training, education and useful insights on business practices and daily-living.

Civilian-Military Coordination
Let’s turn your exasperation with “them” into effective cooperation. I bring experience with UN and NGO sector, peacekeeping, ISAF, NATO and national security forces.

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