What does the love story mean to you?

In my darkest hours, on my loneliest nights, art and creativity helped me find peace. Self-expression blossoms our inner anguish into something larger than hatred, and allows us to find a place in our heart to forgive ourselves and others for what has happened to us in our lives. The Love Story captures snapshots of humans in all walks of life, coping with change, loss and suffering through their unique talents. There is nothing more rewarding than to see your work making progress in the world around you.



Sidney is currently in her Junior year at Michigan State University, where she studies Media and Information with a focus in Film/TV/Radio production. She’s worked as a director and associate director for several theatre companies, as well as a director for her own film. In the process of discovering her voice in the film industry, Sidney has recently accepted an internship in Los Angeles for a media company that works directly with actors and writers. She hopes to one day create film based on social change, and use her art to make young people more educated on world news and happenings without bias input.

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