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An Introduction to The Producer's Program

The Love Story Producer’s Program is designed to take you from pitch, production, to publication.

We’ll provide the knowledge and structure for you to:

* pitch to a kindred artist,
* gather and assemble your crew for the production,
* prepare for the interview, day of production, and b-rolls that follow,
* learn techniques for editing, color correcting, and sound editing for the six cut deliverable publication,
* get published, get royalties, and get your creative portfolio going,
* make new connections with artists, crew members, and the love story creative team.

Download the Producer’s Introduction Kit

Producer's Introduction Kit

As of today, the royalties breakdown of the entire Love Story Creative team are as follows:

>>Royalities and Commissions on Per Journal <<


You love digital media–YouTube, Vice, LipTV, Vimeo everything that involves documentary visual storytelling.

You are an avid fan and practitioner of short form documentaries.

You love interviewing people about love loss–You have a curiosity for people and what’s beneath the surface. You aren’t afraid to ask the tough question and get confronted by awkwardness of the human social interaction.

You know how to film, shoot b-roll, interview, and video edit on Adobe Premiere.

You aren’t afraid to take directions, give directions, and create new directions.

You love looking for your own stories, determine what’s compelling, and go out and do it.

You are a filmmaker and Storyteller at heart.

We are looking for someone who knows how to tell a good story and is committed to going from pitch to production to publication with us.



1. Finding an artist you like who could be a good fit with our platform (Artists who have transformed their pain into their passion)

2. Securing the interview

3. Crew-up to do the interview (you’ll be resourceful & team savvy)

4. Post-production –We’ll show you the 6 Cut Deliverable methodology on Adobe Premiere.

5. Publishing it on the backend of our digital publication.

These are all essential skills we’re looking for in a candidate who wouldn’t mind learning and challenging oneself as a multimedia storyteller.

Skills Requirements:

1. Your own camera equipment or knowing how to procure equipment.

2. Ability to video edit on Adobe Premiere.

3. Internet Connection and Working Knowledge of WordPress

4. Working Knowledge of these social medias: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.



Work Hours Commitment:

3-5 hours / week for 12 weeks+ 1 fifteen minute Team Meeting per week.

Compensation: Royalties

  • Matt

    Interview with Matt Milano Art

  • Tomer2

    Interview with Tomer Peretz’ Unbreakable Art Collection

  • Interview with Rohan Dixit behind Lief Therapeutics

  • Filming Antonique Smith’s Performance

  • Filming Che Best’ performance

  • Interviewing Marisabel Bazan’s Butterflies

  • Interviewing Antonique Smith’s Love is Everything

  • Filming Maryam Heinam’s Vanishing of the Bees’ Afterstory with Danielle Goldfarb

  • Wrap up production picture with Dream Rockwell

  • Ras Kass, Lauren, Danny and Friends

  • Wrap up with Samuel J , MJ, and AJ

  • Julia Price and MJ

  • LetsEatSF with Sandy and MJ

  • Interviewing Andrea Saenz with Monica Dziak

  • Interviewing Lucas David with Norio and Monica

  • Monica, MJ, and Kevin Kerslake at his Hollywood Premiere

  • Donny O’ Malley Interview

  • IndigoRiver

  • Josie

  • Kweisi Interview

  • letseatsf

  • Lucas David

  • Marisabel

  • Maryam

  • Rohan

  • Shrine Interview

  • Tim Ringgold Interview


We are new media storytellers with a philanthropic commitment to validate and inspire the broken hearted to transform their pain into creative expression instead of self-destruction. We believe that by taking away the stigma of depression we will lower suicidal ideations associated with personal adversities.


We interview artists who have transformed their loss into creative expression to inspire others to do the same.

Your one time membership fee of $150 will include:

  • 10 hardcopies of the journal
  • copyright and authorship credits
  • the ability to purchase the journals at 40% retail value of the lifetime of the journal.

Once Published you will Receive

  • Lifetime royalties on The Love Story Journals

Option 1: Pay $150 Now

>> Register Here <<

Option 2: Break your payment into 3 payments of $50 a month for 3 months.

Option 3: Opt out of Membership.

I want to contribute my time & talent and I’m willing to forfeit the first $200 of my royalties towards the collective costs for marketing, publishing setup, and first journal prints.