Antonique Smith, The Love Story behind “Love is Everything”

Antonique Smith

The Love Story behind “Love is Everything”

About Antonique Smith

Antonique Smith is an acclaimed actor and a 2015 Grammy nominated singer and songwriter. Antonique is most well known for her role as Faith Evans in Notorious, and Mimi in Jonathan Larson’s Broadway production of Rent. Born in East Orange, New Jersey to a big family, she has always been surrounded with love. However, she has had her struggles with relationships and wants to help others not feel alone in their quest for love. Antonique answers the question of how she has gone through heartbreak and what has helped her move on.  Similarly, we can transform our own heartbreak into a love story. With this in mind, if you are struggling with heartbreak listen to see how family and friends play an important role in getting over someone. Remember, love takes courage. 

Love Quotes:

Love takes courage and in order to experience it, you have to invite it in.”

“First of all, God is love and Love is good… I still do believe in love. I also do believe that in order to experience love, you have to be open. You can’t be closed off. You can’t be afraid.”

“Sharing my music is sharing my personal experiences as a part of my love. And then them receiving it in such a way that the way they perceived it, the way they received my lyrics… is them giving their love to me. “

-Antonique Smith

Producer & Editor: Mingjie Zhai.

Interviewer: Amber Zhai.

Cameras: Derrick Cleveland.

Photographer: Sherman Wellons.

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Transform Heartbreak into a Love Story 

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The Love Story Playbook: The Mystery of Love is Revealed in 3 Acts.

1 Corinthians 13:12 NIV

Act I: For Now We See A Reflection as in a Mirror

Act II: …Then We Shall See Face to Face…

Act III: …For Now I Know in Part, Then I Shall Know Fully, Even as I am Fully Known.

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