DJ Qwess Coast has toured internationally with artists like Damien Marley, Nas, Omarion, Lloyd, Jinsu, Jasmine V, just to name a few, and has built his own hip hop magazine from ground up, is a holistic health coach, an author, and also volunteers at Agape to teach kids how to produce music.  For DJ Qwess Coast, also known as Alfred Torregano, finding his light came in the form of giving back to the community in times of great loss–loss of his father and the company he had built.

“Going to Agape was more than just I’m going to serve God or praise the Creator, if you will. It turned more into how can I help people? How can I fellowship? How can I give my service freely in love?” -DJ Qwess Coast

Producer and Interviewer: Mingjie Zhai; Videographers: Wade Chao; Editors: Mingjie Zhai


How can you give your service freely in love?

Transform Your Heartbreak into a Three Act Love Story:

Softcover focusing on Passion

Softcover focusing on Pain

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