Cecille Guillemain, The Love Story behind “Dis-moi que tu M’aimes”

Cecille Guillemain

The Love Story Behind “Dis-moi que tu M’aimes”

About Cécile Guillemain

Cécile Guillemain, singer and songwriter of the jazz band, Belle Époque, fell in love in her 20s to a Jazz musician she admired, only to have the rug pulled from under her when he left her for another woman. For the longest time,Guillemain avoided music until she met a few musician friends and formed Belle Époque. The song, “Dis-moi-que-tu-M’aimes” was the first time she personified the pain and anger she felt inside during that period of heartache.

Cecille exposes her love of jazz through stories of growing up with Jazz loving parents. Cecille admits her singing started when she could speak.

“Jazz chose me. When I was young, I saw a saxaphone for the first and I fell in love…I discovered all these amazing saxaphone players…it was obvious for me this was the music I was going to sing. It was different and old fashioned.”

Her journey through jazz and music was a magical experience. An experience where people paid to see her sing, and listen to her heart.

“Forget about your name, forget about who you are and just love me forever, until you die, and die for me, and suffer for me, and that’s what she says in her song. She’s completely crazy. This woman. But that’s what a woman thinks when she feels that the man she loves is going away. She wants him, and she can’t bear the fact that he stopped loving her.” -Cécile Guillemain of Belle Époque.

Credits: Producer, Videographer, and Interviewer: Wade Chao; Editor: Mingjie Zhai. 

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