Behind Lief Therapeutics, Rohan’s Story


Rohan Dixit, Co-Founder of Life Therapeutics, co-created the biofeedback application that helps people monitor their anxiety levels. He was inspired by the revelations he made when measuring the brain activities of monks in the Himalayas and by his own journey practicing mindful meditation after he experienced moments of intense emotions.

“I think a lot of stuff in life starts from suffering, it starts from pain and loss, and for me that was very true. So, as a kid, I found that life was really empty…and I went through a period of life, 15… 16, where I was super depressed, super anxious, and wanted to kill myself. And I found love, at that time, at that exact time that I needed it, and for me, that manifested as meditation and mindfulness and learning how to, kind of listen to my body and breath, and that gave me space, and so… that’s kind of where it started.” -Rohan Dixit, Co-Founder of Get Lief.

Credits: Interviewer & Editor: Mingjie Zhai; Camera: Sandy Leung 


They say depression is being fixated on the past that you can’t change, and anxiety is thinking about the worse case scenario in the future, which you also can’t change. How can mindfulness and meditation help?

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