Bryan Reeves, The Love Story behind The Insight Ninja

Bryan Reeves

The Love Story behind The Relationship Insight Ninja

About Bryan Reeves

“Man, the relationships I was in were disastrous. The ones that I chose. Again, the easy relationships? I didn’t want those man. Give me the hard shit, give me shit that’s going to break me open because I needed to learn.” -Bryan Reeves


Bryan Reeves, relationship insight ninja, author, public speaker, writer and former United States Air Force captain, opens up about the inspiration behind leaving the Air Force, traveling, and transitioning into relationship coaching.


Producer: Mingjie Zhai; Interviewer: Ozzie Smith; Assistant Producer: Jacqueline Keller; Camera: Wade Chao and Mingjie Zhai; Lightning in a Bottle Footages: Sherman Wellons and Mingjie Zhai; Grip: Jeff Annon; Video Editor: Hsiao Wen Chu and Mingjie Zhai; Feature Photo: Alissa Christine

Transform Heartbreak into a Love Story 

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The Love Story Playbook: The Mystery of Love is Revealed in 3 Acts.

1 Corinthians 13:12 NIV

Act I: For Now We See A Reflection as in a Mirror

Act II: …Then We Shall See Face to Face…

Act III: …For Now I Know in Part, Then I Shall Know Fully, Even as I am Fully Known.

Bryan Reeve’s Creative Expressions

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