Larisa Gosla and Jamee Kyson met in 2013 and formed Indigo River in 2014. Their friendship grew even deeper through music. “Let Go” was a song that naturally came after Gosla and Kyson found themselves ready to let go of attachments that didn’t serve them. Out of that song, Kyson accepted unconditional love and Gosla accepted her dreams-coming-true process.

“I realize that I am fully living my dreams. It just didn’t look like how I thought it would when I was five years old, so it’s letting go of what my life should look like for me to be “successful.” -Larisa Gosla

“It really helped me shift that energy around that entire experience from one of feeling a loss and contracted to feeling really joy for James for what new exciting adventure he was on and happy for him in his new project that he had, so it allowed me to feel what unconditional love feels like.” -Jamee Kyson

Producer: Mingjie Zhai; Interviewer & Editor: Mingjie Zhai; Camera: Sherman Wellons and Monica Dziak



Journal Entry 1: What acts of unconditional love can you express today towards someone who is experiencing joy and success. Can you celebrate their accomplishments even when there is nothing in it for yourself? Reflect on the joy of unconditional love.

Journal Entry 2: What if you could let go of “wondering how” or “figuring it out” and just being in that “I AM” mentality? What would trusting in your process unfold for you? What could trusting in your process help you realize?

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