Lucas David relocated from Guadalajara, México, to Los Angeles, California, to pursue his dreams of art after being rejected from art school in México. His art collection, “People Are Strange,” boasts gothic-themed portraits of people and celebrities, with raw honesty in the human struggle.

“I think art saves lives because…it’s like when you say, ‘Oh, I love air,’ when you go out. For example, when you are hot in here and you go outside, the air is amazing and cold. I think it’s something like that…it’s just a way of distracting yourself and giving your life a purpose.” -Lucas David

Producer: Monica Dziak; Interviewer & Editor: Monica Dziak; Camera: Norio Chalico and Mingjie Zhai

What’s inside?

Part I: Out of a Heartbreak

“I’m grateful that they rejected me because I did this out of a heartbreak or for being sad for not being an artist.” 

Part II: I was Alone but not Lonely

I used to have the idea that if you just get into your problems or struggles, you can make better art, but I think that’s the wrong idea. Now I get it. It’s the wrong idea.” 

Part III: Not for You

“I’m socially awkward, like I can’t make friends and that’s the reason I can draw because I didn’t lost time at parties or dealing with a person liking me back when I was a teenager.”-Lucas David

Journal: Think back to a time you felt rejected. Reflect on the positive changes that resulted from it.

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Lucas David

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