Lucas David, The Love Story behind People Are Strange

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Lucas David

The Love Story behind People Are Strange

Meet Lucas David

Guadalajara native, now Californian, Lucas paints Gothic portraits mainly of celebrities. Due to rejection from a Mexican art school, Lucas relocated to Los Angeles. Inspired by Jim Morrison, and The Doors, Lucas named his collection “People are Strange.”

“I think art saves lives because…it’s just a way of distracting yourself and giving your life a purpose.”

Upon his arrival, Lucas fell in love with LA culture, but soon succumbed to the stress of transitions. As a result, his health declined. Admittedly, he acknowledges he used to wallow in his dark place to improve his art. But now, rather than steeping himself in self destructive tendencies, he uses art to express the here and now. 

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Producer: Monica Dziak; Interviewer & Editor: Monica Dziak; Camera: Norio Chalico and Mingjie Zhai

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