Che Best, The Love Story Behind “Remember”

How it Works:

1: Listen to the Artist Interview
2: Pause and play as you go, pull quotes that resonate with your story into your journal
3: Journal 15-60 minutes without interruption.

Che Best

The Love Story behind “Remember”

About Che Best

Gospel, Jazz and R&B singer, songwriter Che Best opens up about how music has helped carry her through the tough times. Che reaffirms with the power of writing; poems, songs, and / or music, the heart can constructively release feelings. Due to her own experiences, Che believes writing saves lives. 

Listen here to her song “Remember.” Written with the intention of bringing back love into a relationship that might be faltering, Che says she hopes struggling couples will reconnect with “Remember.” Song playing in the background, Che seems to beg her audience to recall what bore their love. By listening to her song, couples hopefully kindle something. 

“Music kept me from jumping off the cliff. I get up and write whatever sorrows, issues, concerns are. [Writing] has been my saving grace throughout my entire love life, love seasons. And if you don’t write songs and music, I suggest you get a journal, make up a poem or something cause it will save your life.”

Most notably, Che suggests that love ought to be liberating, not hindering.

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Producer: Mingjie Zhai; Videographer: Jeredon O’ Conner, Dereck Cleveland, Wade Chao.   Interviewer: Elin Ekdahl ; feature photographer: Wade Chao.

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