Samuel J travels the world singing, songwriting and performing the colorful vibrations of mother nature and the spirit of people. He is a vocalist, composer and producer with a profound respect for our earth, the indigenous people of the land, and human life.

“And then you realize that you’re never actually alone, and then a lot of music was writing about this colorful vibration that would always accompany you, which is this greater goodness in life that I believe in that is in you, that is in all beings, it’s in all of us, and that colorful vibration is also the will of life wanting to survive and I felt that energy force, call it spirit, call it what you will became a big inspiration for my music.” -Samuel J.

Producer and Interviewer: Mingjie Zhai; Videographers: Ian Corvin and Carla Schwiderski;  Editors: Mingjie Zhai and AJ Berger; Illustrators: Sirine Cherif and Tang Xiao Wang


How can you experience the colorful vibrations of this world?

Samuel’s Creative Expression

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“You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens.”-Rumi

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