Behind “The Letter”

Hennessy Echemendia is a singer and songwriter whose dream is to inspire the youth through music. She hopes that her music can serve as people’s close confidante and allow people to feel all the emotions that embody the human experience.
“I want to help people know that you can do what you want. That’s what my songs are mostly about. I want to teach kids, ‘You can do what you want to do.’ You just have to push yourself to do it. You can get the job, you can enjoy your life. That’s what my music is about.” –Hennessy. 

Credits: Producer: Mingjie Zhai; Director: Wade Chao; First Camera: Ian Corvin; B-Roll: Mingjie Zhai and Sherman Wellons; Editors: Mingjie Zhai and A.J. Berger. Special Thanks to: Ruby, co-founder of Shadow of Light Festival


How can you help people with your art? What is the message you want to tell the world?

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