“I think creating art, and using that art as a medicine on you, this is the best medicine ever, right? You are the good case scenario here.” -Tomer Peretz

Tomer Peretz, a former Israeli defense soldier, dove deep into his art as a muralist, designer, and painter after he left the war. Through his “Unbreakable” collection, Peretz is able to grieve the loss of his brothers in combat and stand in his truth about the experiences of war.

The Love Story went behind the scenes of the “Unbreakable” collection, where Peretz reveals his inspirations, memories, thoughts and feelings toward each art piece, of which were inspired by his time serving as an Israeli soldier.

“The process just made me think about it and deal with that. The only thing I thought about when I was painting [that] was my memories. And I started to: “Okay, the next painting, what is it gonna be about?” and the ideas came really fast because everything came back to me so quick. Sometimes it was not easy to think about those things. I got in contact with the family of my friend who got killed, and they saw the artwork, and we got in touch…and we met, and the whole past came back to me. I realize that I’m dealing right now with the reality, which is the pain and what I went through. All of my service which I was trying to push away, came back. Basically the art made me go back.” -Tomer Peretz


How can you use art as medicine? What are your favorite forms of creative expression? Any you may be curious about?

Producer: Monica Dziak; Interviewer & Editor: Monica Dziak; Camera: Norio Chalico and Mingjie Zhai

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