Mike Owen and Brent Olds, The Love Story behind Vetality Corp

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Mike Owen and Brent Olds

The Love Story behind Vetality.org

Meet Mike and Brett 

President Mike Owen and Vice President Brett Olds of Vetality Corp (VetalityCorp.org) share their story of why they lead a non-profit that helps veterans find alternative methods of holistic and homeopathic ways of treating mental health. They are dealing with a veteran suicide epidemic, both on a statistical and on a personal level. The urgency of creating a brotherhood and providing education for alternate healing modalities is critical.

“Being in a leadership position and understanding that sending your men out there and knowing that they might not come back, that’s a very heavy burden, a very big load to carry. And I think one of my big driving factors, and I know Brent can attest to this as well, is not having those marines or those soldiers, whoever you send out of that wire come back, that guilt will plague you for a long time, and I know personally, in my own heart, that is my driving factor, that’s my passion, that’s my love for Vetality, is to not have anybody else not come back to the wire.” 

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Producer: Mingjie Zhai; Interviewer: Inge Cristie; Videographers: Eddie Liquidano and MJZwanderlust; Video Editor: MJZwanderlust; illustrators: Sirine Cherif and Tang Xiao Ming 

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The Love Story Playbook: The Mystery of Love is Revealed in 3 Acts.

1 Corinthians 13:12 NIV

Act I: For Now We See A Reflection as in a Mirror

Act II: …Then We Shall See Face to Face…

Act III: …For Now I Know in Part, Then I Shall Know Fully, Even as I am Fully Known.

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