Peter Harper, professor,sculptor, singer, and songwriter, lost his father to alcohol at an early age. With a keen ability to listen and empathize with people and the creative nourishment rooted in his family, Harper has transformed life’s losses into lessons and stories, delivered through seminars, sculptures, and songs.

“I can take that experience and feel like I was cheated of a father because he was never around – it’s a path that exists. Or I can say, here’s a guy who lived his life and had a profound impact on the people that he interacted with and is now gone of his own decision. Whether the alcohol controlled that, or didn’t control that, whether he had a say, or didn’t have a say, it’s not really my place to say. Those were his choices.”- Peter Harper

Producer: Mingjie Zhai; Interviewer: Nancy Yeang; Camera: Wade Chao and Jason Do; Photographer: Jason Do and Nancy Yeang; Illustrators: Sirine Cherif and Tang Xiao Ming

Musicians: Peter Harper (singer), Kevin Abdella (Upright Bass), Mike Kreivis (Mandolin), Matt Fish (Cello). 

Special Thanks to: Claremont Folk Music Center and Full Circle Venice 

Journal: Why is it not your place to judge the person you have the most judgements toward?

Peter Harper’s Creative Expression

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