Jessica Dinh, The Love Story behind FRISTERS

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Jessica Dinh

The Love Story behind FRISTERS

Meet Jessica Dinh

After a serious relationship fallout, Jessica went through postpartum depression as a single mother. 

“…I was in bed all the time, I didn’t want to spend time with anybody else…It was a constant battle with myself, with wanting to have that love back. And then the other part of letting go. ” 

Because of her newborn son and family, her will to survive reignited. Jessica also discovered FRISTERS, a non-profit organization that educates and supports single mothers. Due to the relationships and programs offered by FRISTERS, she was able to overcome. 

Credits: Interviewer & Editor: Jennie Nguyen; Camera: Cypress Bai and Wade Chao; Editor: Cypress Bai; Audio Engineer: Seth Brogdon

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The Love Story Playbook: The Mystery of Love is Revealed in 3 Acts.

1 Corinthians 13:12 NIV

Act I: For Now We See A Reflection as in a Mirror

Act II: …Then We Shall See Face to Face…

Act III: …For Now I Know in Part, Then I Shall Know Fully, Even as I am Fully Known.

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