This is an interactive journal

It is designed for you to journal from Gabe’s experience, also known as “Artist-Inspired” journaling.

How it Works:
1. Pause at moments when the story resonates with you.
2. Pull out a notebook and begin journaling. Free write distraction free for as long as you can. Pause and Play at your leisure.
3. Towards the end of the story, there is a journaling prompt for you to reflect and answer.
4. Go to the last 20 seconds of this video for the journaling prompt.

Gabe Cordell became quadriplegic after a car accident that had almost ended his dreams of becoming an actor. After years of drug addiction to numb the pain of his injury and dreams deferred, Cordell finally kicked his addiction to the curb and began looking into doing the impossible: The first quadriplegic to roll across the United States on his wheelchair.

Producer: Mingjie Zhai; Interviewer & Editor: Mingjie Zhai; Camera: Monica Dziak; Special Thanks to: DTO

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